What Our Clients Say


The Small Business Guide team has by far offered the most simple step by step understanding of how to start a business. With their help, I was able to avoid making several mistakes that would have cost me later.

Beth Wilson

California Based Business

The advanced team at IS Back Office via the Small Business Guide truly understands all levels of business. My business was one year old when I contacted them. They helped me understand why a lot of things were not working.

Mark Anson

Arizona Based Business

I was worried that I was too much of a business rookie to even begin a conversation with the team at Small Business Guide. They made me feel very comfortable and I was able to create my first ever business style guide with ease!

Megan James

Texas Based Business

As an Engineer with detailed plans for a complex solution for personal flight systems, with help from the advanced team at IS Back Office, they demonstrated to my level of satisfaction that I needed several components in place to serve in key roles.

Neil Spencer

Washington State Based Business

I'll admit, the story about the dog walker really caught my attention. I was literally about to make the same mistakes. Thank you for your help and patience in guiding me along the way!

Janet Franklin

California Based Business

My business is very specific. However, I did not consider the various lucrative partnerships that I could establish. I've never been in "business development" so to speak, but I now understand the value of verticals offerings.

Keith Leven

California Based Business